Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) are a great option for people who like having their own place but don’t want to be, or cannot be, entirely on their own.

Typically, ALF residents get an apartment with a kitchen, refrigerator and stove. ALFs either come pre-furnished or people can bring their own furniture. ALF staff can help residents with the Activities of Daily Living and provide housekeeping services.

There are two key differences between an Assisted Living Facility and a nice apartment building:

  • Assisted Living Facility is required to have staff on site, and awake, 24 hours a day to help residents.
  • Assisted Living Facility is required to offer three meals a day.

Many people in Assisted Living Facilities are able to more easily cop with the depression and isolation they feel after their loved ones or friends pass away. ALFs provide a ready-made peer group, in-house activities and trips to various community events. Some ALFs also provide transportation for shopping and doctor appointments. Many even have an on-site pet!

Two recent trends in Assisted Living:

1. Offering “Independent Living” – People move into an Assisted Living Facility before needing any assistance. They enjoy a beautiful apartment, recreation opportunities, good meals and are around their age group. They can “age in place” which means they stay in the same unit when they begin to need help with the ADLs.

Assisted Living regularly monitors their residents’ ability to do the ADLs, even residents in independent living situations, and can communicate that status with family.

2. Residents are able to stay in the Assisted Living Facility until the end of their lives. More Assisted Living Facilities are providing a higher level of medical care and many are licensed to provide hospice care. Years ago, people needing help with more than a few of the ADLs or those with a chronic medical issue would be transferred to a Nursing Home.

A special note should be made that Assisted Living Facilities can also offer special housing sections for those suffering from severe cognitive impairment. There are also facilities that specialize in dementia care.

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