Helping a Loved One Move to a Facility and Selling the Family Home

One of the most stressful times for families is when an elderly loved one needs to move out of their long time home. They could be moving into some sort of facility, an assisted living facility or a nursing home, or into the home of a relative.

The professional who can help is a senior move manager (SMM) A SMM helps people downsizing their living situations and can help dispose of furniture or other goods. Having a SMM involved can help lessen the inter-family struggles and stresses that can arise.

The SMM helps people pack up their belongings and the origination and can unpack at the destination. They can also line up the movers and can help with things most people forget like changing utilities. Many SMMs can arrange the sale of a house and can clean and stage the house.

A key task a SMM can perform is to help a senior citizen plan for the space they are moving into: what furniture is to be moved to the new space, where the furniture will go and if the furniture will fit in the new space. The SMM will obtain information on the dimensions and layout of the new lodging and will create a diagram of the new space. The SMM can measure the furniture that is to be moved and can show how the furniture will fit in the new housing.

SMM often network with colleagues across the nation and this can provide for a SMM located near the new housing who can help with unpacking goods and furniture and placing them in their desired locations in the new destination.

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