About Us – The Women’s Long Term Care Project ®

Our beginning goes back to 2002. That year our founder was one of a small group of Long Term Care (LTC) experts selected to help start the Federal government’s Federal Long Term Care Insurance Plan by conducting classes for Federal employees and retirees on aging and long term care. This was the largest Long Term Care education effort in U.S. history.

The success of the nationwide aging/long term care education for Federal employees in 2002 clearly demonstrated the need for greater access to accurate and impartial information on aging/long term care. Many times people have an immediate need because they find themselves unexpectedly throw into the role of caregiver and/or decision maker for an older relative.

After the end of the Federal project in 2002 our parent group was awarded a contract by the largest insurance company in the U.S. and we began to conduct classes on aging/long term care for the employees of Fortune 500 firms, state and local governments and universities.

The Women’s Long Term Care Project® (WLTCP) is a new effort to provide Americans with even greater access to accurate information on aging/long term care that is easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to share using a variety of delivery methods. We partner with professionals and organizations in communities large and small to provide ongoing access to needed information.

The Women’s Long Term Care Project is a new effort to conduct live educational programs at the grass roots level available nationwide. These sessions could be open to the public or offered for members of a specific group or organization.

For information of partnering with the Women’s Long Term Care Project ® please contact us at info@agingofamerica.com or call 949-370-1464.

Don Grimes