The four professionals we all should meet with NOW are:

Elder Care Attorney – Long Term Care and Elder Care are like unmarked minefields- what you and your loved ones don’t see today can blow up on you later and cause amazing grief, complication and expense. Don’t just go to any attorney! You need to meet with an attorney who has tremendous experience with elder law and is a member of their local elder law bar group.

Certified Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) – these professionals are the most unknown resource for families that are involved with a long term care situation or may become involved with one. Certified GCMs are all around experts on long term care and elder care and can be your expert guide and coach regarding the many tough decisions that often need to be made. The key here is to find a “certified geriatric care manager”. Anyone can call themselves a “care advisor’ or something similar since state governments do not license geriatric care managers. To be “credentialed” a geriatric care manager has to be experienced, have a graduated degree and pass the certification criteria of a national organization.

Financial Advisor/Insurance Agent – Do you want to end your life old, broke and alone(tm)? If not you need to obtain the guidance of an experienced financial planner or insurance agent who also has experience with long term care and elder care. Ask the person you are considering if they have any personal experience with long term care or if they have been to an Assisted Living Facility in the past few years. If the answer is “no” to both you may want to keep looking.

Personal & Financial Assistant (also called a Daily Money Manager or DMM) – Many times someone will need help with their bills and paperwork as they get older. Often an adult child will try to help a parent or in-law with their bills and paperwork but that can be problematic because of time and distance issues or relationship dynamics. We are happy to introduce a great new group called HELP WITH BILLS AND PAPERWORK (TM) ( that provides access to screened and experienced professionals who can help seniors with balancing their checkbook, staying current on bills and organizing and filing important paperwork. To find a local professional from HELP WITH BILLS AND PAPERWORK (TM) click here.