The Basics of Long Term Care / Elder Care

Where do people get long term care?

This video explains the different settings an individual can receive long term care.


ABC's of Long Term Care

What are the different levels of Long Term Care? How do you Chose?


Is long term care just for the elderly?

This video provides information on the basic concept. For more details click the subject on the right side.


Healthcare vs. Long Term Care

This video explains the difference between your regular healthcare plan and the benefits provided by Long Term Care.


Home Care - Picking the right one


Geriatric Care Manager

How does a Geriatric Care Manager help individules in need.



What is durable Medical Equipment


Hospice Care

Do you need to talk to a Long Term Care and Elder Care expert?

Almost all of us can benefit from a consultation with an expert in Long Term Care/Elder Care called a Geriatric Care Manger (GCM) and the best time to talk with that expert is before something happens. We can arrange for you to speak with a GCM by phone or in person.